“I’m not sure who’s happier, my horse or me! Great lessons, great care, Dusty and her staff go above and beyond.” -Lisa Breheny

"My name is Vicki Winship and I am a reformed 'Pony Princess Mom'. I had it bad...two kids, two ponies and two jumpers for many years. When my kids grew up and left for College my equine needs were still there. So at the ripe old age of 48, I became that pony girl I'd always dreamed of (a legend in my own mind) and started jumping and showing. Dusty Blackwood has been our trainer for over 13 years and has done an outstanding job for the entire Winship family." -Vicki Winship

"Full Circle Farm has provided an outstanding introduction to riding and horsemanship for our eight year old. There is a unique, multigenerational community at FCF that has encouraged our daughter's passion for riding and provided exceptional and safe individualized training." -Mark and Molly Gamble

"Full Circle provides the ideal balance for me of superior lessons and coaching, wonderful friends, a good show schedule, and the ability to enjoy my horses in a supportive setting." -Lynne Lancaster

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